The Love Dare: Love fulfill dreams – Day 38

January 30, 2018 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Build a home,Find love,Friendship,Relationship,Share the word

When I was dating my wife, we had sort of agreed our respective career paths. I was to end up as a great Telecoms Engineer and her a top-notch accountant. Factoring these two diverse paths, we felt we had what politicians call – a winning combination guaranteed to win in the first round. She completed her undergraduate and also her CPA exams and she was ready for the job market.

A few years down the road, in one evening she hinted to me that she wanted to take her career into the cake industry. She wanted to be a baker. Like any typical “right thinking” husband, I could not entertain this line of thinking. I did not want to even give it a listening year.  There was no way I would let all that “investment” on her career come to naught. Just like that woman in the bible  (Luke 18:1-5) who was crying for justice, her persistence paid off when the judge delivered justice against her adversaries  – my wife did not give up. She provided answers to every query that I threw to her.

Six months later, after deep reflection I agreed to her proposal. I realized that in life, it’s not the money that you will make that will count at the end of the day, but that you are passionate about what you do. This will bring greater personal fulfillment than a fat pay cheque. In short, my wife is busy running her business Hope Cakesand she loves what she does. She does it with all of her heart, and besides bringing us some much more needed additional cash flows, it brings greater satisfaction to her personally – and that is my greatest joy.

Your spouse could be a dreamer. He dreams big, and whatever idea he comes up, you always see what is wrong with it. And although criticism is good and you should not just give blind support, it’s important to give an ear to their dreams and not just criticize. If you could spend more time listening and suggesting further improvements, you will become part of the solution instead of being part of the problem.

Perhaps a “no” has become a guaranteed answer to every suggestion that your spouse has come up with. Love needs to be extravagant at times. What if instead of dismissing the thought, you did your best to consider and honor it? What might happen if the one thing that you said you’d never do for them became the next thing you did?

Some dreams may require financial inputs and hence cannot be easily or quickly attained. However, there are other “smaller” dreams that would mean the world to your spouse. Maybe your husband looks forward to the day you will recognize him in the house as the head of the family before the children. Maybe he looks forward to the time, you will hold on to critical decisions until his input is factored in and he gives his go ahead. Probably all your man want is for you to put your hands randomly on his shoulders and tell him you love him. Maybe get him a present – even when there is no specific occasion to celebrate.

At times what the wife, wants is for her husband to recognize her beauty. She want her husband to note that she is smartly dressed and purposely for him. She wants him to give her a great hug in the presence of the children and tell her, he loves her. Probably all your wife wants is some time with you, to give endless stories of who did what, who said what, who thought what in her day. She wants you to give a listening ear to her frustrations with the house help, the care taker (no water in the house or toilet is leaking?). She may just want to see in your eyes a love that chooses to be there no matter what.

Dare to think in terms of overwhelming your spouse with love, to surprise them by exceeding all their expectations with your kindness. It may be a financial sacrifice, but it needs to reflect a heart that is willing to express itself with extravagance.

What is that thing that your spouse would really, really love to have or to be? Its time you started living out the answers to this question


Ask yourself what your spouse would really want if it was obtainable. Commit this to prayer, and start mapping out a plan for meeting some (if not all) of their desires, to whatever level you possibly can.